Every security check includes the following:

  1. Check all lights with switches

  2. Bulbs replaced

  3. Ensure all windows and doors are locked

  4. Run hot and cold water in all faucets, baths, and showers

  5. Ensure hot water is hot

  6. Check for leaks under sink & toilet (Supply valves and trap)

  7. Flush all toilets and observe if a refill is correct and adequate

  8. Flush and run garbage disposal

  9. Check for leaks around the washer, supply valves and dishwasher

10. Check for any "general leaks", (floors, walls, ceiling)

11. Check mechanical room (Check for any signs of leaks)

12. Run water in all floor drains

13. Turn up thermostat and ensure heater/boiler turns on (60F)

14. Check/ Fill water softener tub

15. Check for signs of rodents

16. Check fridge and freezer (5F and 37F)

17. Ensure TV is working

18. Ensure all blinds are closed

19. Check garbage cans are empty (inside and garage)

20. Check for smells

21. Check fridge and pantry for spoiled food and remove

22. Check if the house is dirty or has been used Dirty/Clean

23. Check garage door and codes

24. Check front door for packages or notices

25. Visually inspect the exterior of home (Ice or snow damage)


  1. Start auto with garage door up

  2. Check windshield fluid

  3. Unplug any power ac devices

  4. Turn off any interior lights

Hot Tub

  1. Remove any debris or snow

  2. Check if has skimmer basket and empty

  3. Conduct weekly water quality test

  4. Check for cloudiness

  5. Run jets for 5 minutes

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